ÁREA, lugar de proyectos

ÁREA: lugar de proyectos was founded in 2005 in Caguas, by artist Quintín Rivera Toro and collector José Hernández Castrodad. It has since served as a meeting point and space for professional artists and curators in formation. 

During the Quintín Rivera Toro direction of 2005-2007, artists from different disciplines, academics and professionals from various fields of the humanities participated in a program of events that incorporated film screening and discussion, group and solo exhibitions accompanied mediated talks, reviews, forums and international projects. In 2007 Ralph Vázquez directed the program of exhibitions, giving a new focus within the parameters previously defined by Rivera Toro, offering diversity in the profiles of participating artists and thematic exhibitions. During the stay of Vázquez as guest curator, the ÁREA program was fully focused on the production of visual art. Following him was Natalia Martínez (2008) after participating as part of the first group of artists devoted to a residency program, she coordinated local and international artists visits, building a dynamic picture of discussions and exchanges. In 2009, Quintín Rivera Toro served again as director, coordinating a local and international residency program, called “Solistas”. From 2010-2013 artist and curator Abdiel Segarra served as director, bringing the programming to a new level of organization and reach throughout the Puerto Rican art scene. A fully female focused year occurred through the programming of Abdiel Segarra and produced through Rivera Toro’s last tenure during 2014. From 2015 until the 2018 artist Norma Vilá Rivero was named the last director of the space, under which a great number of art exhibitions and collaborations within the Puerto Rican art scene took place. Since the year 2019 on, ÁREA has functioned as a studio residency program by invitation only, and the space maintains a permanently open call for artists, residencies and exhibitions.

For 15 years, ÁREA has been a platform committed to serving the population of artists in training and generating contemporary cultural activity. All this is possible, thanks to the initiative and unconditional support of entrepreneur, collector and artist friend, José Hernández Castrodad.